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Rahma by Talib al-Habib

Rahma by Talib al-Habib
'An anthology of exquisite nasheeds based entirely on Hadith, that will inspire the soul to contemplation of Allah and love of Islam. This album is an invaluable educational resource, introducing children to the sayings of the Blessed Prophet (saw) through song.'

Track Information

Light of the Dawn:
this is the only completely original work on the album. It is a song in praise of Allah, wondering at how the body, the mind and the heart can unite in worship and contemplation of Allah. It begins the album in deference to the words of Rasulullah (s), ‘any important matter that does not begin with praise of Allah and blessings upon his Prophet (s) will be devoid of blessedness.’

Rahma – the Hadith of Mercy:
(Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud) this beautiful narration commences the ahadith of the album, in keeping with its truly unique quality. For over 1300 years, through unbroken lineal chains, it has been the very first hadith that a master would transmit to seekers of knowledge, and so has become known as al-hadith al-musalsalat bi’l awwaliyya. It emphasises the need for a believer to extend universal compassion in all of his dealings with Allah’s creation.

Tasbih – the Seedlings of Paradise:
(Tirmidhi) This glorification of Allah is the gift of the Prophet Ibrahim (as) to the Ummah al-Muhammadiyya on the night of Mi’raj when he met Rasulullah (s) in the seventh heaven. They are the seedlings of Paradise, and many other ahadith mention their great virtue. Each verse of the song succinctly explains one of the components of the dhikr.

Tauhid – the Unity of Allah:
(Tirmidhi). This dhikr is beloved to Muslims of the Indo-Pak subcontinent as the 4th of five ‘kalimat’ which make up the first sentences taught to a child by parents or teachers. It is a declaration of Allah’s unity and incomparability. It is also a version of the du’a to be recited upon entering into a market-place, in order to preserve the heart from heedlessness.

Knowledge is Light:
This short track comprises the text, translation and context of a famous poem written by Imam Shafi’i on the reality of sacred knowledge and the manner of acquiring it. Complaining to his teacher Waki` about his difficulty memorising, the young Imam was told that, as Rasulullah (S) had explained, ‘knowledge is light,’ and one truly acquires it through righteousness and ‘abandoning rebellion.’

Iman – the Articles of Faith:
(Muslim). This nasheed is based on Rasulullah’s (s) definition of belief (iman) in the famous Hadith of Gibril. It lists the six articles that he (s) described, with the addition of ‘resurrection after death,’ as mentioned by most of the scholars. Each of the six are then briefly explained in the verses, to the refrain of, ‘there is no god but Allah.’ It will serve to introduce children to the basics of classical doctrine (aqida) in an engaging manner, insha-allah.

Hilya – the Description of Rasulullah (s):
(various). This nasheed was composed to honour the Beloved Prophet (s) and also to introduce children to one of the most beautiful aspects of hadith studies – the Shama’il (descriptive) literature. Just as the sahaba preserved the guidance of Rasulullah (s), they also lovingly preserved his (s) blessed physical description. As his (s) Sunna brings guidance, so his (s) Shama’il awakens love for Rasulullah (s). Each verse is directly based on a hadith describing his physical attributes, names or character; and the refrain ‘Balagha al-Ula’ is the famous poem of Shaykh Sa’di. This nasheed is part of a much longer work that will eventually, insha-allah, become the first complete description of Rasulullah (s) in English verse.

Kalimatan – the Seal of al-Bukhari:
(Bukhari). The album ends with the short but powerful hadith that Imam al-Bukhari chose to end his great work Sahih al-Bukhari. It is narrated here in full, and the translation is as follows: ‘there are two phrases which are beloved of the Most Merciful, light on the tongue, yet heavy on the scales (of reward): glory be to Allah and all praise to Him, glory be to Allah, the Mighty.’

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